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Long chandelier with multiple lights and a polished metal frame above a glass table with two cocktails on it.
Emilia Jazzy Diner Bar Ceiling Light

Art Deco Features Glamorous Lighting, Crystal Glass, Chrome

It's hard to beat a chandelier for shear glamour, that's why they're often an important component of Art Deco room designs, especially living and dining rooms. Of course, there are some designs that suite the style better than others, here we've reviewed some of our favourites.

Round chandelier with square cut crystal glass in a chrome frame to give it a modern Art Deco appearance.
Vetro 5-Light Crystal Chandelier

Item Vetro 5-Light Crystal Chandelier

Dims. Dia.45 x 38cm

Budget £££

The Vetro 5-Light Crystal Chandelier features layers of square cut crystal glass and chrome detailing to create a glamorous focal point for your room.

The five bulbs illuminate the crystal glass very effectively to create an impressive overall effect.

A long chandelier designed to go above a rectangular table or bar with glass beads and a polished metal mesh.
Emilia Jazzy Diner Bar Ceiling Light

Item Emilia Jazzy Diner Bar Ceiling Light

Dims. W83 x D21 x H55cm

Budget £££

An elegant long chandelier that's reminiscent of classic Art Deco style dining rooms and bars. The glass beads and polished metal mesh help bring it to life when lit, casting a lovely display across your room. It's the perfect light to sit above a rectangular dining room table.

Circular chandelier with glass beads and a polished metal mesh in a polished metal frame with multiple lights.
Emilia Large Crystal Ceiling Light

Item Emilia Large Crystal Ceiling Light

Dims. Dia.40 x 141cm

Budget £££

This is the round version of the previous design, so you can still get the same stylish design if you've got a round dining table, of simply want it for your living room or elsewhere in your house.

Tall chandelier with seven tiers of square cut glass prisms in a spiral formation and nine separate lights.
Searchlight Sigma 9 Light Chandelier

Item Searchlight Sigma 9 Light Chandelier

Dims. Dia.67 x H120cm

Budget £££

This Chandelier will definitely make a big glamorous statement in your home, not only because of it's seven tiers of prisms and nine lights, but because of its size - especially its height at well over a meter.

Chandelier with four tiers of square cut glass prisms offset from one another to give a modern Art Deco look.
Jaylan 12-Light Crystal Chandelier

Item Jaylan 12-Light Crystal Chandelier

Dims. Dia 56 x H80cm

Budget £££

The offset crystal prisms and chrome coloured trim give this twelve light chandelier a highly contemporary Art Deco look, ideal if you're going for a modern interior design theme.



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