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Hypnos Sublime Pillowtop Pocket Spring Mattress, Medium Tension, Super King Size

Corner of a pillow top mattress showing tufts, vents, side handles and three rows of side stitching.
Hypnos Sublime Pillowtop Pocket Spring Mattress

Art Deco Features Geometric Shapes (Headboard)

Dims. W180 x D200 x H31cm

Budget £££

Given we spend around a third of our lives in bed and with a good night's sleep so closely linked to our overall health, investing in a really good mattress makes a lot of sense. As with most things, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses.

The pillow top on this mattress adds a layer of soft cushioning for additional comfort, but crucially, it means this mattress only needs rotating to maintain it - vital for a mattress this size which is extremely heavy at 66Kg. We have a high quality mattress this size that needs turning occasionally - I have to ask a few of my friends to help me flip it!

Sleeping on my side and with reasonably broad shoulders, I find medium tension mattresses to be massively more comfortable than firm mattresses. The base the mattress goes on also makes a huge difference, a firm edge sprung base will make this mattress feel softer compared with a firm topped divan and a mattress of this quality will definitely take a few months to properly break in and soften up.

The pocket springs ensure the mattress contours perfectly to your body, while the hand side stitching ensures the sides keep their shape and provide edge-to-edge support right across the surface. It's also packed with an assortment of natural materials like wool and camel hair to ensure excellent support and comfort while keeping you cool at night.



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