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Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture

The Cumberland Hotel, Ventana Grand Café

A mirror is an excellent and easy way to add Art Deco glamour to your home. The Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth uses several mirrors in its Ventana Grand Café to achieve this exact effect. As with all mirrors they have the added benefit of increasing the perceived size of a room while injecting a bit of extra light, especially if they're multi-faceted.

Whilst there's a huge range of mirror designs to choose from that suit the style, two designs really stand out for me as personifying the Art Deco look, the fan mirror with its classic sunburst stepped form and the Manhattan style mirror with its Streamline Moderne appearance. Incorporating these styles of mirrors into your living space instantly communicates Art Deco.

Fan and Manhattan Mirrors

Other styles of mirror that aren't quite so overtly Art Deco include those with bold geometric shapes, like the elongated octagon mirror below and sunburst style mirrors. By the way, sunburst mirrors are often highly multi-faceted, so are particularly good at injecting light into dimly lit rooms.

Octagon and Sunburst Mirrors

You don't have to limit yourself to a wall hung mirror, there's plenty of other types of mirrored glass items you can add. Furniture with mirrored glass surfaces has a distinctly glamorous appearance that fits perfectly with the style.

C-Frame Console and Barcelona Style Tables



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