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Swoon Mendel Sideboards and Cabinet

Sold by John Lewis

Art Deco Features Geometric Shapes, Triangles Rich Wood

Budget £££

Three door sideboard with a tray of drinks on it and a hexagonal mirror mounted on the wall behind it.
Swoon Mendel Furniture Range

The design of these pieces make excellent use of bold straight lines of inlaid brass to create an attractive display of well defined geometric shapes, whilst the offset grain direction highlights the natural beauty of the acacia wood.

With a sturdy, high quality construction these sideboards and cabinet are also available in an attractive grey colour, example below.

The range includes two, three and four door sideboards and a two door cabinet. The sideboards can also be used as stylish TV stands.

Three door sideboard with inlaid brass strips that create geometric shapes in the polished wood doors.
Swoon Mendel Three Door Sideboard

Item Three Door Sideboard

Dims. W162 x D45 x H76.5cm

Sideboard with three doors and three adjustable shelves that's ideal for large TVs.

Two door sideboard with strips of inlaid brass that create triangles and other shapes in the sideboard’s wooden doors.
Swoon Mendel Two Door Sideboard

Item Two Door Sideboard

Dims. W108 x D45 x H75cm

Sideboard with two doors and two adjustable shelves that's ideal for medium size TVs up to 42".

Wide four door sideboard in a modern art deco style that has brass strips inlaid into rich wooden door.
Swoon Mendel Four Door Sideboard

Item Four Door Sideboard

Dims. W150 x D38 x H50cm

Sideboard with four doors and an adjustable shelf that's suitable for very large TVs up to 65".

Two long doors create a square storage cabinet with wooden legs.
Swoon Mendel Two Door Storage Cabinet

Item Two Door Storage Cabinet

Dims. W90 x D45 x H105cm

Storage cabinet with two doors and three shelves.

Corner section of a sideboard in grey coloured wood with brass inserts in the doors and a magazine on top of it.
Swoon Mendel Sideboard in Grey
Wide four door sideboard with wooden legs and brass inserts in its doors and a large TV on top of it.
Swoon Mendel Four Door Sideboard


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