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Amongst the largest items of furniture you're ever likely to buy, yet usually located in some of the smallest rooms in your home, your bedrooms, wardrobes generally benefit from a design that doesn't dominate the room. Lighter woods, coloured panels or, better still mirrors all help to avoid this and also help them fit in well with a modern Art Deco scheme. We've picked a few models that fit this criteria pretty well.

Large wardrobe with modern art deco style panelled mirrors as gliding front doors and an oak coloured frame.
Subito Two Door Wardrobe

Item Subito Two Door Wardrobe

Art Deco Styling Large Panelled Mirror

Dims. Sheet size W181 x D61 x H197cm

Budget £££

If you've got a small bedroom but need a reasonable amount of storage space then large mirrors can really help increase the perceived size of your room and reflect a fair bit of light to help brighten it up a bit too. This self-assembly wardrobe has two full length gliding mirror doors and a Sonoma oak frame. The panel effect of the mirrors on the doors gives it a modern Art Deco look. It also has two clothing racks and two adjustable shelves.

Large wardrobe with two light wood and full length mirror gliding doors and a framed picture each side and a rug in front.
Latham Two Door Sliding Wardrobe

Item Latham Two Door Wardrobe

Art Deco Styling Large Full Height Mirrors, Light Wood

Dims. Three Sizes Available

W233 x D61 x H218cm

W203 x D61 x H218cm

W183 x D61 x H218cm

Budget £££

If the overall area of mirror was a bit much on the previous wardrobe, then this model might be a better bet. It still has two full length gliding mirror doors, but large light wood panels too to give it a slightly warmer look. This self-assembly wardrobe also comes with two hanging rails. By the way, if you're bedroom is a bit tight on space then sliding doors could be the perfect solution.

Large three door wardrobe with two white doors either side of a full length mirror door in a light oak coloured frame.
Mix it T-bar Handle Mirrored Triple Wardrobe

Item Mix it T-bar Handle Mirrored Triple Wardrobe

Art Deco Styling Light Wood, White Panels, Full Height Mirror, Long Vertical Handles

Dims. Sheet size W150 x D58 x H201cm

Budget £££

We've got the taller versions of these wardrobes in both our children's bedrooms. While the rooms are only approx. three meters square, we put these very large wardrobes in so they can store all their stuff - essential, because we don't have a loft.

Self-assembly of large wardrobes can be a bit tricky - it's definitely a lot easier if there's two of you. Bearing in mind we bought the taller version, we foolishly didn't check the height of the rooms before we bought them, when assembled one of the wardrobes was just 3mm from the ceiling - we were very lucky! So, I'd recommend checking that detail before buying.

With a full length mirror door in the middle and two large white doors on a light oak coloured frame, these wardrobes don't look anywhere near as imposing as you'd think they might be in three meter square rooms. It's also worth noting that this wardrobe is part of the John Lewis 'Mix it' range and are therefore very customisable, you can change the number and colours of the doors, the style of the handles, the number of shelves and so on.

A solid oak two door, one bottom drawer wardrobe with very clean lines for a contemporary art deco look and a warm colour.
Montreal Two Door Wardrobe

Item Montreal Two Door Wardrobe, Oak

Art Deco Styling Clean Lines, Light Wood

Dims. W90 x D58cm x H185cm

Budget £££

This high quality oak wardrobe has a simple contemporary design that works with a range of different styles. It's modern clean lines make it a particularly good fit for a modern Art Deco inspired bedroom, especially if it's coupled with a Geometric patterned rug. The colour of the word will also add a bit of warmth too.



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