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Art Deco Furniture - Chairs & Sofas

We've picked our top ten Sofas, Armchairs and Occasional Chairs in the posts below. As with all the products we review the sofas and chairs are new and are from mainstream online retailers.


This makes buying from the comfort of your home as simple and straight forward as possible. Delivery, and, if necessary, returns are simple and hassle-free too.

We've also put together a guide to help you choose the right chair or sofa for your room. We cover the development of the Art Deco chair, the different materials used and, how to add a chair or sofa to your room.


The section on how to add a chair or sofa to your room includes how to select the correct size and positioning for your chair or sofa. You can also visit our page on 'How to create a modern Art Deco look' for tips and advice on how to design your entire room.

Art Deco Chairs and Sofas in luxury hotels and famous places to visit

Chair and sofa design

Chair and sofa design

Chairs and sofas often have a mixture of design of characteristics that make them particularly suited to an Art Deco scheme. Long linear lines mixed with gentle sloping curves are classic details to look out for. The use of walnut, oak, maple, rosewood and similar looking woods often feature in the arms, frames and legs. Polished brass or chrome detailing is another design cue, especially when it forms linear patterns that are typical of they style.

In fact most of the design features you'd associated with Art Deco can be found including sun-burst and shell styled upholstery, chevrons, animal skin designs and so on. We recommend sticking to plain or subtle designs for your chair and sofa upholster, for example the the chairs and sofas pictured in the lobby of the Beaumont Hotel above.  The combination of the heavily patterned upholstery and rugs can be a bit problematic to our eyes.

Different chair and sofa styles

Different chair and sofa styles

A selection of our favourite modern chair designs that will work with a modern Art Deco scheme.  You may have noticed the last chair has quite a mid-century design.  Despite being a different design style, we've found mid-century furniture often works pretty well in Art Deco oriented room designs, after all there are no hard and fast rules here.

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