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What Art Deco Lifestyle is all about...

Art Deco Lifestyle gets its name from the all encompassing nature of the Art Deco style. In its original heyday during the 20's and 30's it influenced the design of just about everything from buildings, furniture, fashion and jewellery to cars and motorcycles.  So you really could have a full Art Deco lifestyle!  

Fast forward a hundred years or so and the style's just as popular thanks to its luxurious and glamorous look.


Of course, it's very well suited to homes built in the style during the original era, but thanks to its futuristic ethos, it's very well suited to modern houses too.  In fact it can really help lift the interior of a new build from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

As with most styles, Art Deco has evolved over time with today's manufacturers producing furniture and other household items in their own modern take on the style, which leads nicely to what Art Deco Lifestyle is all about.

We pick and review everything you need to create a modern Art Deco interior for your home.  The furniture, wallpaper, flooring and other items we review are new and are sold by major well known retailers, so payment, delivery and everything else is as easy and straight forward as you'd expect.

We also aim to review items at a range of price points so you can create your interior no matter what your budget. 

In addition, we've added a styling section which we hope you'll find helpful when creating your design. We've tried to cover every single aspect of a home's interior to create as complete a guide as possible.


For additional inspiration we've added sections on the best Art Deco hotels and famous buildings to visit.  They will give you a real flavour of what the style's all about so you can perfect your look.

Our story...

A few years ago we decided to move house in a quest for a better work life balance. Our previous home was a new build and while it was well built and perfectly functional, we fancied going for an older property for a bit of a change.  

Having a very general idea of what we wanted, our search began by viewing a number of period properties in the area. 

A few months of viewing on and we still hadn't found anything we really liked.  It was at this point that some friends mentioned an Art Deco style property that was about to go on the market. 


Initially put off by the flat roof and the possibility of on-going expensive repairs, I was eventually won over by my wife’s enthusiasm. 

As predicated, we now spend half our lives with paint brushes and screwdrivers in hand, but we don't regret it for a moment because we’ve completely fallen in love with the place and especially the Art Deco style.  

We can't afford to fit our house out with original Art Deco antique furniture from the 20s and 30s.  In addition, because we don't really have the time to travel and view antiques, we'd always be worried about the condition they'd turn up in when buying blind.


So, we've opted to buy new Art Deco style items from major retailers instead where the cost and uncertainty isn't anywhere near as great, delivery is much easier and if necessary, we can get the item collected if it's not quite what we wanted or if it's damaged in anyway.  

In the process of creating our perfect interior we've done a lot of research on the style and searching around for the most suitable items.  We've also come to realise that the interior we've now got would've looked just as good in our previous new build home. 


This whole experience, as you've probably already guessed, has led to us build this website which we hope you enjoy and find useful.

The Deco Devotees

Swoon Franklin Coffee Table with a tray of drinks on it and in-front of a dark blue sofa
The Producer suite at the Chatwal Hotel in New York with two chairs and a sofa on a geometric rug with a glass coffee table in the middle.
Swoon Mendel two door storage cabinet with one door open to reveal various bottles of alcoholic drinks.
The Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel with the beach and sea tractor in the foreground.
The streamline moderne style Duchess of Hamilton locomotive at the National Railway museum in York
An Art Deco style desk lamp with a bankers style glass shade that has an inverted sunburst mural in coloured glass.
The large aluminium mural depicting the Empire State Building at the end of the main lobby in the Empire State Building.
White armchairs and sofas surround a round coffee table all of which are on a round geometric rug.
Faux silk purple coloured curtains infront of a white sash windows.
Mirror glass TV stand with two drawers sitting on a parquet floor and with a TV ontop of it.
Polished chrome framed mirror ina stepped Manhattan style with a reflection of a white sofa with black trimming.
White lacquered sideboard with two drawers, two doors and a repeating geometric Art Deco style pattern.
White basin with a stepped design to the base of the basin and the plynth against a green tile background.
Pink cushion with an Art Deco reapeating leaf pattern.
Two large cat statues in an ancient Egyptian style guarding the entrance to the Carreras building in north London
Rug with a geometric pattern in shades of yellow and grey.
Art Deco wall paper with a repeating leaf bud pattern in silver with a dark grey background.
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