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Table and Desk Lamps

Two rectangular table lamps with crocodile skin pattern bases sitting on a console table with vase full of flowers between them.
Julieta Table Lamps

A quick, easy and relatively low cost way of adding a bit of Art Deco style, we've picked our favourite lamps to suite a broad range of design themes, from the more traditional to the contemporary.

Desk lamp with an Art Deco style opaque and coloured glass shade atop a bronze coloured base and stem.
Feroz Bankers Lamp

Item Feroz Bankers Lamp

Art Deco Features Coloured Glass, Geometric Shapes

Budget £££

A lamp with a lot of coloured glass in its shade can result in quite a strong traditional look. The shade on this desk lamp has a modest amount of it, nodding to the traditional yet contemporary enough to work in a modern setting.

With a great design to its base and stem and with the subtle use of coloured glass in its shade, this lamp will look great whether you're going for a floor to ceiling Art Deco interior design or just want to add a hint of the style.

Desk lamp with a white rectangular shade atop a satin brass base with a fan shaped pattern and shell inserts.
Delores Capiz Shell Table Lamp

Item Delores Capiz Shell Table Lamp

Art Deco Features Fan Shapes, Shell

Budget £££

This elegant lamp has a satin brass frame with capiz shell inserts. The combination of the brass fans and shell will give you that glamorous five star Art Deco hotel look.

To help add a little more style, the white shade has a gold metallic inner lining.

Rectangular shades have the advantage of giving you the same width and presence as an equivalent round shade while taking up a fraction of the space, perfect if you want to make a big statement but have limited space.

Kneeling female figure in bronze holding out both arms atop of which is a round frosted glass light.
Nora Kneeling Lamp Figure

Item Nora Kneeling Lamp Figure

Art Deco Features Classic Woman Holding Lamp Design

Dims. W27 x H48

Budget £££

We're definitely moving into a more classic traditional look with this lamp that's not dissimilar in design to those from the original Art Deco era.

Made from cold cast bronze resin, this lamp is high quality and weighty. The female figure is holding a crazed frosted effect globe. By the way, it's worth baring in mind that when it comes to positioning this lamp, the black power cable comes out of the back of the base.

Modern Art Deco style cylindrical table lamp with a chrome mesh frame with glass beads and two LED lights.
Emilia Large Table Lamp

Item Emilia Large Table Lamp

Art Deco Features Glass, Polished Metal

Budget £££

From the traditional to the contemporary this time. The combination of the glass beads, polished metal mesh frame and two G9 LED bulbs combine to give you a lovely display when its turned on.

If you're keen to get the same look throughout your room, then you'll be pleased to know the range also includes a ceiling light, wall light and floor lamp.

Rectangular table lamp with a polished silver metal frame and a grey base with a crocodile skin pattern.
Julieta Table Lamp

Item Julieta 71cm Table Lamp Set (Set of 2)

Art Deco Features Animal Skin Pattern, Polished Metal

Budget £££

The grey crocodile skin pattern on the base of this lamp nods to the original use of animal skin patterns in Art Deco design.

Combine the polished metal frame, crocodile pattern base and rectangular shade and you end up with a wonderfully chic lamp with a distinctly modern Art Deco style. As mentioned above, rectangular lamps give you all the presence of a similar sized round shade without taking up nearly as much room.

Interestingly, this lamp was inspired by a vintage piece from one of London's top five-star hotel's - proof, if needed, of the design's glamorous origins.



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