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Art Deco Mirrors

Split into design themes, we've picked our favourite Art Deco mirrors in the posts below. As with all the products we review the mirrors are new and are from mainstream online retailers.


This makes buying from the comfort of your home as simple and straight forward as possible. Delivery, and, if necessary, returns are simple and hassle-free too.


Read on for our guide covering the development of the Art Deco mirror and how to choose and install your mirror. You can also visit our page on 'How to create a modern Art Deco look' for tips and advice on how to design your entire room.

Art Deco Mirror Guide

  • Reasons to install a mirror

  • Development of the Art Deco mirror

  • Different types of mirrors

  • Mirror Shapes

  • Mirror Sizes

  • Mirror Positioning and Hanging

We like to add mirrors where we can in our own home because they perform three very useful functions.

  • They reflect light to help brighten up your room.

  • They create the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. This is due to the perception of extra depth that they create.

  • They are lovely items of decoration that can boost the Art Deco look of your room.

Art Deco mirrors tend to have a symmetrical geometric design that echos the style. Fan, sunburst, and Manhattan mirrors are particularly representative.

Some designs, like the sunburst, reflect the tribal art influences of Art Deco. Manhattan designs mimic the stepped architecture of the island's famous skyscrapers.

You don't have to stick to a fan, sunburst, or Manhattan to get a modern Art Deco look. All sorts of geometric shaped mirrors work and they can often contribute to a more subtle theme.

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