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Hexagonal and Octagonal Mirrors

Octagonal mirror hanging on a wall next to a bed with a shelf above it with various pictures and ornaments on it.
Grey Hallway Mirror

Hexagons and octagons are geometric shapes that regularly feature in Art Deco design. The form particularly suits mirrors and as with other styles of Art Deco mirror often involves bevelled edges that help give a more premium, sophisticated look while helping to reflect more light to help illuminate your room. Here are some of our favourite designs.


Item Deco Hexagon Mirror

Dims. W103 x D1.2 x H89cm

Budget £££

This large high quality mirror, with its sophisticated brass frame, is a great example of a hexagon shaped mirror.

Each glass panel is bevelled which will help to inject a bit of extra light compared with flat mirror glass.

The mirror comes with four D-Rings so you can hang it pointy or flat end up depending on your preference. There's been one or two reports of the D-Rings not being completely level, but with a bit of careful measurement that's easily overcome - it's just something you need to be aware of. Finally, this is a large mirror, so please check it fits your space before buying.

Elongated octagonal mirror with an illuminated LED light frame above a bathroom vanity unit with a central basin mixer.
Grand Deco Backlit LED Mirror

Item Bathroom Origins Grand Deco Backlit LED Mirror

Dims. W60 x D3 x H90cm

Budget £££

An elongated octagonal mirror designed for the bathroom. An illuminated touch sensitive switch turns on the energy saving LED light and demister pad that keeps the mirror clear following a hot shower.

It's IP44 rated so is safe to position in zone 2 of the bathroom above the basin and as an extra bonus it can be hung landscape or portrait to suit your design.

Mirror on a striped wall in the shape of an octagon with panels angled slightly inward around its edge to create a frame.
Turvey Frameless Mirror

Item Turvey Frameless Mirror

Dims. W90 x D8 x H90cm

Budget £££

The trapezoid panels of this handsome mirror's border really help emphasises its octagonal shape, while the bevelled angled panels will reflected plenty of light to help brighten up your room.

Simple elongated octagonal mirror with a bevelled edge that suits a modern art deco style bathroom.
Neue Design Bathroom Mirror

Item Neue Design Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

Dims. W50 x H40cm

Budget £££

A simple, elegant and relatively low cost mirror with an octagonal bevelled design. This 5mm thick mirror has shallow hanging brackets so it sits closer to the wall for a better more fitted look.

One thing to note is that this mirror can only be hung portrait, unless you're willing to buy additional brackets to hang it landscape.

Large octagonal mirror with a bevelled edge and a grey frame containing bevelled glass trapezoid mirror panels.
Grey Hallway Mirror

Item Large Silver Grey Wall Hallway Mirror

Dims. W80 x H80cm

Budget £££

This is a great low cost option for a large hexagonal mirror with bevelled edges and a grey frame. It's quite heavy, so you may need more than one to hang it.



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