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Swoon Franklin TV Stands, Coffee, Console and Side Tables

Coffee table with a tray of drinks on it in front of a dark blue sofa that has a white fur throw partially draped over it.
Swoon Franklin Furniture Range

Sold by John Lewis

Art Deco Features Marquetry, Geometric Shapes, Rich Wood

Budget £££

The marquetry on this furniture range produces intricate geometric shapes that highlight the beautiful variation of natural wood grain. Adding an interesting patterned focal point to your room, these high quality Swoon designed items of furniture are manufactured by John Lewis.

In addition to the marquetry, a few items in this range feature another well known Art Deco detail - hexagonal-shaped handles.

The range includes a coffee table, a console table, a side table and two TV stands / sideboards. All items feature brass fittings and are available in light and dark wood shades.

Dark wood coffee table featuring two drawers with marquetry fronts and brass finished handles.
Swoon Franklin Coffee Table

Item Coffee Table

Dims. W101.5 x D55 x H35cm

Wide surface coffee table with two drawers and brass finished handles.

Sideboard with two cupboard doors and three drawers, all with marquetry panels and brass hexagonal handles.
Swoon Franklin TV Stand Sideboard

Item TV Stand Sideboard for TVs up to 55"

Dims. W145 x D45 x H75cm

Sideboard with three drawers, brass hexagonal handles and a cable hole at the back.

Console table with tall dark wood legs and two drawers with marquetry front panels and brass handles.
Swoon Franklin Console Table

Item Console Table

Dims. W101.5 x D32.5 x H78.5cm

Console table with two drawers featuring brass-finished contrasting metal handles.

Dark wood side table with a single drawer featuring a marquetry front panel and brass handle.
Swoon Franklin Side Table

Item Side Table

Dims. W41.5 x D40 x H59.5cm

Side table with single drawer opened with a brass-finished contrasting metal handle.

Wide TV stand sideboard for TV’s up to 66” with Modern Art Deco style marquetry and hexagonal brass handles.
Swoon Franklin Wide TV Stand Sideboard

Item TV Stand Sideboard for TVs up to 66"

Dims. W145 x D35 x H45cm

Sideboard with two drawers, brass hexagonal handles and cable holes at the back.



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