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Sunburst Mirrors - Top Ten

One of the classic Art Deco mirror designs, sunburst mirrors can literally light up your home. Incorporating the strong geometric lines and symmetry that personify the Art Deco style, these mirrors can make a great design statement.

Modern interpretations of this design often make use of multi-faceted surfaces that reflect light at multiple angles to increase illumination and as with all mirrors, they help increase the perceived depth of your room. We've reviewed some of our favourite designs below.

Round mirror with multiple fragmented panels of glass radiating out from its centre to give a sun like appearance.
Starburst Venetian Mirror

Item Large Round Modern Starburst Venetian Mirror

Dims. Dia. 91cm

Budget £££

This large mirror, just over 90cm wide, is a thoroughly modern take on the sunburst theme. It's multi-faceted surround gives the illusion of sunbeams while injecting quite a bit of extra light into your room. It's pretty heavy, 15Kg, so take care when hanging it.

Mirror with a round design and symmetrical shades radiating out from its edge giving it a gear wheel appearance.
Libra Sunflower Mirror

Item Libra Sunflower Mirror

Dims. Dia. 100cm

Budget £££

Quite a large, 1 meter diameter, round mirror with an interesting take on the sunburst theme, giving it an almost mechanical appearance - another common Art Deco design trait.

Inspired by sunflowers, the angled mirror strips reflect light in multiple directions, perfect for bringing a bit of light to an otherwise dark corner of your home.

Rectangular mirror with evenly spaced shades creating a frame for this modern art deco style piece.
Marcos Accent Mirror

Item Marcos Accent Mirror

Dims. W80 x D3.5 x H120cm

Budget £££

Not all sunburst style mirrors have to be circular as the Marcos Accent Mirror demonstrates.

This is a large mirror that can be hung either portrait or landscape depending on your preference.

Smooth edged mirror with sunburst style raised shades inlaid into its border facing inward toward the mirror’s flat centre.
Morello Glass Mirror

Item Morello Glass Mirror

Dims. Dia. 80cm

Budget £££

This mirror maintains a solid circular border while still giving you a striking multi-faceted sunburst style design.

Throwing light of in all directions and adding extra perceived depth to the room you chose to hang it in, this mirror doesn't protrude far from the wall and is easy to hang.

A large round mirror with a brass metal border created by hand to give a highly symmetrical sun type appearance.frame
Libra Savoy Mirror

Item Libra Savoy Large Round Embossed Mirror

Dims. Dia. 110 x D5cm

Budget £££

A stunning large and high quality mirror with a frame that's been hand-hammered from sheet metal. The frame design formed in brass produces a very attractive sun pattern.



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