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Fan Mirrors

Stepped fan style mirror mounted on a wall with a lamp next to it.
Gatsby Overmantle Mirror

Art Deco Features Fan stepped design, geometric and symmetrical shapes, mirror glass

Definitely, in our opinion, the most iconic style of Art Deco mirror. The stepped design often incorporates bevelled edges that help increase the amount of light reflected while giving the mirror a more sophisticated appearance. With strong geometric lines and symmetry, this is the design to add if you want to make it crystal clear you're an Art Deco fan - excuse the pun!

Art deco Fan style mirror with three stepped tapering shades on either side of the main central tapering mirror.
Deco Overmantel Mirror

Item Deco Overmantle Wall Mirror

Dims. W101 x H86cm

Budget £££

High quality and quite large, 86cm x 101cm, so double check it fits before buying, this mirror's designed to sit above your mantelpiece. Having said that, its multi-faceted bevelled design will help add a lot of light to just about any suitable room - provided it fits of course. It's also worth noting that it's quite a heavy mirror 11.3Kg, so take care when hanging it on your wall.

Large multi-faceted fan mirror mounted on a wall with a table lamp next to it and the top of a chair in front.
Gatsby Overmantle Mirror

Item Barcelona Trading Gatsby Extra Large Vintage Art Deco Style Retro Overmantle Wall Mirror

Dims. W100 x H100cm

Budget £££

Almost identical in style to the mirror above, but slightly taller to make an even bigger style statement.

Bevelled fan mirror with smoked glass panels to give a 3D shadow type appearance.
Deco Smoked Glass Mirror

Item Deco Smoked Glass Mirror

Dims. W76 x H76cm

Budget £££

The smoked glass panels on this mirror set it apart from other fan mirrors. Adding a 3D shadow type effect, the smoked glass, like the clear glass gives a shadow type affect to this mirror.

Art Deco mirror in a a fan style with clear and bronze mirror glass panels and gold trim with an Art Deco repeating leaf pattern wallpaper behind.
Kalyn Accent Mirror

Item Kalyn Accent Mirror

Dims. W100 x H80cm

Budget £££

This fantastic landscape orientated mirror was designed by British glass and mirror artist Phillip Orr and is made in Norfolk. The gold coloured trim and bronze tinted panels will tie in perfectly with polished gold coloured detailing elsewhere in your room.

Simplified art deco style fan mirror with a panel either side of a central shade that has a pointed top.
Decorative Art Deco Fan Mirror

Item Decorative Art Deco Fan Mirror

Dims. W100 x H100cm

Budget £££

I love the simplified design of this fan mirror. A thin metal frame in either silver or bronze adds to the stylish design.



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