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Orion Eden - Lisbon

The facade of the Orion Eden Hotel at night
Orion Eden

Budget £££

You’ve probably noticed the words ‘Eden Teatro’ in the centre of the impressive façade above, where you might expect to find ‘Orion Eden.' That’s because this apartment hotel began life in 1931 as one of Lisbon’s main cinemas.

Designed by the architects Cassiano Branco and Carlo Florencio Dias, the cinema closed in 1989 and was converted into the 134 room apartment Orion Eden Hotel in 2001.

The Eden Teatro in its cinema heyday
Advertising Hoardings

Part of the conversion involved the removal of huge film advertising hoardings that allowed the central space to be opened up for the garden you see today, that features several mature palm trees – a very striking feature on an already prominent building!

Above the frieze, on the roof, is probably the hotel’s best feature, a large swimming pool with incredible views across Lisbon. It’s seasonal, so check it’s going to be open before visiting.

Orion Eden swimming pool with fantastic views across Lisbon
Swimming pool

The large studios and apartments each have a working area and well-equipped kitchens. All rooms have a TV, air conditioning, internet access and a private bathroom. Breakfast is served daily. We should mention that the Art Deco design of the exterior doesn’t carry through to the rooms, which have a basic modern design. Having said that, they’re clean, functional and more than adequate for a stay in the city.

One of Lisbon's trams negotiating a curve on a cobbled street
Lisbon Tram

Positioned on the west side of the Praca dos Restauradores public square and physically attached to Rossio Railway Station, it's difficult to find a more central location in Portugal’s beautiful capital. It’s also a short 20 minute bus ride from the airport, the bus stops right outside the hotel. Unless you’ve travelled from a location with a tram network, you’ll find it quite a fun novel experience exploring the city on Lisbon’s trams which form an integral part of the public transport network.

Lisbon's unusually designed elevator system
Elevador de Santa Justa

We’ve mentioned a few of the many fascinating sites that are well worth a visit in our review of the Hotel Britania, including the Eden Teatro itself. We’ll add one more here, because it’s so close, the Elevador de Santa Justa which is less than a 5min, 500m walk, from the Orion Eden Hotel’s front door. You’ll enjoy some fantastic views of the old part of the city from the top of this quirky unique structure. Just a word of warning though, pick your time to visit, it gets very busy and the queue can move painfully slowly. An early morning or evening visit’s your best bet to avoid the crowds.



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