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Parquet Flooring

Chrysler Building Lobby

Parquet flooring comes in a wide variety of different geometric designs - chevrons, hexagons etc. As with marquetry on furniture, parquet flooring is particularly good at highlighting the grain and beauty of wood.

All wood flooring adds warmth to a room, but due to the layered way it's constructed, parquet flooring tends to be a bit more stable than solid wood flooring. Decent quality parquet flooring is highly durable, with a much longer life than carpet, it's easy to clean and is great if you need to keep things as allergen free as possible.

If you want a floor that's even more durable than a parquet wood floor then you can always opt for wood effect tiles instead. A lot of wood effect tiles are extremely realistic, giving you the glamorous look of a parquet wood floor with the added benefit of being almost indestructible!

Wood Effect Tiles



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