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Chevron and Zigzag Rugs - Top ten

Chevron and zigzag rugs are a quick and easy way to add geometric symmetry to your Art Deco design. There are lots of rugs to choose from, our top ten picks are below.

Before we jump into our picks, you might be wondering what the difference is between a chevron and a zigzag. We weren't completely sure ourselves. Rather than cover it here, we found an excellent blog that explains the difference.

Rectangular area rug with a thick zigzag pattern in mustard yellow.
Safavieh Crosby Area Rug

Item Safavieh Crosby Area Rug

Budget £££

This rug is available in eight different sizes and ten different colours. So, there should be an option to match your needs. They're made from hand-tufted wool, so they will feel great to touch.

Depending on the colour you pick the solid zigzag pattern can be as bold or as subdued as you like. Given these are wool rugs they are excellent value for money. And being wool they will likely shed a few threads when new.

A rectangular rug with a black and white zigzag pattern across it.
Palma Woven Black Rug

Item Palma Woven Black Rug

Budget £££

This rug is a good option if you need a particularly hard-wearing rug. Made from 100% polypropylene, it's abrasion, mildew and UV resistant. The colours won't face and it's quick-drying too. In fact, it's so tough that you can use it outside.

The rug is also reversible so it's not the end of the world if one side gets damaged. The downside, it doesn't feel as nice as wool underfoot. With six size and five colour options (black, grey, brown, blue and green) there should be a rug that suits your space.

A rectangular rug with a chevron style pattern featuring blue, grey, brown and cream blocks of colour.
Selene Chevron Rug

Item Selene Chevron Rug

Budget £££

This rug is another stain and fade-resistant polypropylene rug. It has an attractive chevron pattern to add a bit of geometric symmetry to your Art Deco scheme.

Note that the colours are a bit more subdued than the photo suggests.

Rectangular rug with opposing zigzag patterns in mustard and grey.
Millie Modern ZigZag Rug

Item Millie Modern ZigZag Rug

Budget £££

A different zigzag design this time, with opposite-facing zigzags creating diamond shapes.

As with the previous rug, it's made of polypropylene so it's stain and fade resistant as well as being durable.

The only real downside is that won't feel quite as nice underfoot as wool.

A rectangular rug with vivid yellow zigzags mixed in with grey and white zigzags.
Yellow and Grey Chevron Rug

Item Yellow and Grey Chevron Rug

Budget £££

This rug features vivid yellow zigzags. Being nice and bright it will help cheer up an otherwise dreary room.

It's made from 100% polypropylene, so it's tough and stain-resistant. This would be a great rug for a kids bedroom or playroom.

Rectangular rug with navy, light blue and white zigzags.
Eowyn navy and light blue rug

Item Eowyn navy and light blue rug

Budget £££

This wool rug has a bold navy blue and light blue zigzag pattern. It's a powerful pattern that needs careful matching with the rest of your decor. Get the look right and you'll have a great centrepiece for your room.

Handmade from wool, this rug is good value for money.


Item Eternal Rug

Budget £££

This rug is available in a taupe / brown or a much lighter creme colour. Dark opposing zigzags run down this rug with a few highlighted in a lighter colour to add a bit of interest. Its subtle pattern makes it an ideal addition if you have a strong pattern elsewhere in your room.

It's made from 100% polypropylene, so it's tough but won't feel quite as luxurious underfoot as wool. Unlike the polypropylene rug reviewed above, this rug is for indoor use only.

Mercy Wool Yellow Rug

Item Mercy Wool Yellow Rug

Budget £££

A mix of grey and yellow zigzags give this rug a lovely contemporary look. It's made from 100% wool so it will feel great underfoot and is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

You'll need a rug gripper to prevent it from moving around on polished floors and to a lesser extent carpet.

A rectangular rug with black, grey and blue zigzags with a sofa to the right and decorations behind.
Dark Grey/Ivory Area Rug

Item Silas Wool Area Rug

Budget £££

This 100% wool rug has a striking design created from black, grey and blue zigzags.

It's bold enough to create a focal point for your room. This allows you to add neutral furniture and other items without the risk of making your room look dull.

A zigzag effect pattern created by parallelograms filled with grey coloured wool.
Dark Grey and Ivory Area Rug

Item Dark Grey and Ivory Area Rug

Budget £££

A different take on the zigzag design this time. Individual parallelograms filled with coloured wool create a zigzag effect pattern. Various colours are available to you can go as bold or subdued as required.

It's made from 100% wool so it will feel fantastic but might shed a bit for the first few days.



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