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Crosswater Waldorf - Tap, Vanity Unit and Shower

Vanity unit in the foreground with a large candelabra behind that is in front of a large window.
Crosswater Waldorf Range

Sold by Sanctuary Bathrooms

Art Deco Features Geometric Shapes, Hexagons, Chrome

Budget £££

This very large range of bathroom taps, showers, basins, vanity units, WC's and so on, features the geometric forms you'd expect of an Art Deco inspired range. The taps have a very pleasing hexagonal form to them which fits in perfectly with an Art Deco scheme. All items are high quality with most taps and showers coming with a very long 15 year guarantee. We've had a good look at the range and have picked out our favourite items.

Classic Art Deco hexagonal three-hole basin mixer with black lever handles either side of a central spout.
Crosswater Waldorf Three Hole Basin Mixer

Item Black Lever Basin 3 Hole Set

Additional info. Suitable for low pressure systems.

Three hole basin mixers give a classic Art Deco look that's particularly reminiscent of American Art Deco bathrooms.

White basin with a three-hole basin mixer and a large black vanity unit underneath that has two drawers and chrome handles.
Crosswater Waldorf Vanity Unit

Item 1000mm Black Gloss Two Drawer Vanity Unit and Basin

Dims. W97 x D53.3 x H54cm

Additional info. Two soft close drawers

Continuing with a black and white theme, this large, almost metre wide, vanity unit includes elegant sweeping curves to its corners. I prefer the knob handles and the chrome leg options for a bit of extra support.

Three handle shower-valve with two on off lever handles positioned either side of a central temperature control handle.
Crosswater Waldforf Three Handle Shower Valve

Item Black Lever 2000 Thermostatic Shower Valve with Two Way Diverter

Dims. W17 x H37.5cm

Additional info. Despite having a low pressure rating, you'll still need a high pressure system to run the shower head.

Concealed showers look a bit smarter and project out less than external showers, this model has two stop valves, one for a shower head and the other for a handset, body jets or a bath filler. Stop valves have a couple of advantages over diverter valves; they have a better flow rate and you can have both valves running at the same time. This model comes with a thermostatic temperate valve which is safer and maintains a more consistent shower temperature.

Large chrome plated brass twelve inch shower head attached to a ceiling mounted shower arm.
Crosswater Waldorf 12" Shower Head

Item Crosswater Waldorf 12" Shower Head

Dims. W30 x D30cm

Additional info. Requires a high pressure system, shower arm sold seperately

To go with the shower valve mentioned above, this 12" shower head is a bit larger than the usual 8" head to give you more body coverage and a thorough drenching.

Shower handset with a round head and black handle attached to a small octagonal outlet.
Crosswater Waldorf Shower Handset

Item Shower Handset with Black Handle, Wall Outlet & Hose

Additional info. Can operate on a low pressure system, includes wall outlet and hose

To fit to the second outlet of the shower valve mentioned above, this handset adds a bit of versatility to your showering experience.



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